Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Phoenix sea services pvt ltd

Dear Students,
I am ex employee of Phoenix Maritime Services alias Phoenix Sea Services , Nagpur head office and branch offices at other places in India.  I worked with this company for long time and the owner of the company is Idiot Sanjay Utwal who is a rajasthani and dies for money.
The policy of the company is to cheat students in the name of Campus recruitment drive all over India. We used to visit engineering students from engineering colleges across India by posing as a shipping company. Sanjay Utwal is not a shippy nor he owns any Shipping company or a training institute, he is only a broker.
We quote fees around 6 lakhs from the candidate and send them to training institutes. We get commission from the academy and the placement is also done by the training academy. The fees what we collect from students as our placement charge is totally bogus and it is total profit to us. Students doesnot know this. Phoenix is not a shipping company nor having a single tie up with any shipping company.
Sanjay Utwal is linked with top most maritime criminals in India like Anand Malhotra alias Sagar Chakravorthy owner of Omega Ship Management, Omega Sea Services , Ahmedabad, Gujarat . He has cheated around 500 candidates the biggest maritime scam around 5 crores. Several complaints filed against Sanjay utwal and Anand Malhotra.
Police is in search of these people any time they will be arrested. Dinesh knows the exact location of Anand Malhotra as he is closest aid of him and Sanjay Utwal also is in touch with him. Police is informed on the same.
These people are supplying students to top most academies in India like HIMT, Maritime Foundation, Sailors Maritime, Coimbatore Maritime , Sri Chakra Maritime, IMI, AMET, VELS. They live under the umbrella of these people and misuse their name and mint money from the candidates.
Come on join together and bring these rouges to roads and bring justice to all the students cheated by them.  Please send your reply alongwith full details so that a legal case can be filed on them.